Book Club Kit: Vanishing Hour

Thank you so much for picking Vanishing Hour for your book club! It’s always an honor when book lovers choose to spend their time with my stories.

Vanishing Hour is the story of Ava Burch, who moves to west Texas with her search-and-rescue dog, Huck, and teams up with a detective investigating a string of mysterious disappearances in the ruggedly beautiful terrain near Big Bend.

Vanishing Hour Book Club Kit

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While researching this project, I learned about search-and-rescue dogs and the amazing work they do in some of the most remote corners of our state and national parks. These dogs and their handlers brave all sorts of hazards to track down hikers and tourists who find themselves in trouble.

Unlike my husband, I didn’t grow up around dogs, but when we adopted a sweet Weimaraner, Julie, I quickly became a dog lover. Julie was my faithful companion as I wrote this story, napping at my feet and nudging me out of my chair for walks every day.

I hope you will enjoy Vanishing Hour! I love to hear from readers, so please drop me a line if you would like a batch of Vanishing Hour bookmarks for your group. You can reach me at

Thank you again for selecting Vanishing Hour and happy reading!