Book Club Kit: Flight

Dear Reader,

Thank you for choosing Flight for your book club! One silver lining of this tumultuous time has been hearing from readers who say books have helped sustain them by providing comfort, joy, and companionship. I am especially excited to share with you my newest novel, Flight, a romantic thriller set on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Flight Book Club Kit

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Flight is the story of Miranda Rhoads, a former forensic photographer who moves to the seaside town of Lost Beach with plans to make her living as a wildlife photographer and leave crime scenes behind her. But her plans are upended one morning when she comes across a couple sleeping in a canoe, entwined in an embrace. Looking closer, she realizes the man and woman aren’t asleep—they’ve been murdered. Investigators converge on the scene, but Miranda is the one who spies several key clues, including an exotic feather, that the killer has left behind. Although Miranda is reluctant to get involved in the case, lead detective Joel Breda is determined to convince her to help. Joel is dealing with a string of chilling murders, and he needs Miranda’s CSI skills to help unravel the crimes before the killer strikes again.

I got my start as a newspaper reporter and always loved covering the crime stories. So when I started writing fiction, I was naturally drawn to suspense. I love interviewing cops and forensic experts to uncover those vivid details that really bring a story to life!

Flight takes place along the Texas Gulf Coast, where I have spent many summers. With its beautiful dunes, vast marshes, and crackling thunderstorms, the coastal setting provides a dramatic backdrop for a novel that is both a thriller and a love story. Flight is book two in the Texas Murder Files series, which kicked off with Hidden, a USA Today bestseller. Each book in the Texas Murder Files series features a different mystery and a different romantic couple, so each book can be read as a standalone. As with my other series, readers can pick up any book and dive right in.

I hope you will enjoy Flight! I love to engage with readers, so please let me know if you are interested in setting up a virtual event or if you’d like me to send you a batch of signed bookmarks for your group.

Happy reading!