The Wolfe Security Series

When traditional law enforcement isn't up to the challenge, Wolfe Sec steps in to confront the threat.

Is the Tracers series related to the Wolfe Security series?

Which book is Liam Wolfe’s story?

Do the Wolfe Security books need to be read in order?

Character Sketches

Private security specialist assigned to protect defense attorney Brynn Holloran.
Also in: Her Deadly Secrets
Main character in: Desperate Girls

Defense attorney who is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. Wolfe Sec assigns Erik Morgan to protect her during a high-stakes trial.
Main character in: Desperate Girls

Former Marine and security specialist at Wolfe Sec. Jeremy is just coming off of a harrowing operation when he gets called in to protect Kira Vance.
Appeared in: Shadow Fall and Desperate Girls
Main character in: Her Deadly Secrets

A private investigator who is working on a high-profile murder trial when her team is targeted by a killer.
Main character in: Her Deadly Secrets

Founder of Wolfe Security who becomes the focus of an FBI investigation when evidence implicates him in a brutal murder.
Main character in: Shadow Fall
Also in: Desperate Girls and Her Deadly Secrets

FBI agent who meets Liam Wolfe while investigating a murder in the Piney Woods of east Texas.
Main character in: Shadow Fall

Former FBI agent and criminal profiler who consults on cases for his brother Liam Wolfe, founder of Wolfe Security.
Also appeared in: Desperate Girls
Main character in: Twisted

About the Wolfe Security Series

Founded by former special ops warrior Liam Wolfe, Wolfe Security is made up of highly trained and intensely focused operatives who will go to any lengths for the people they’re hired to protect. Wolfe Sec clients include celebrities, business moguls, politicians, and ordinary people who find themselves confronted with extraordinary danger.

Founder Liam Wolfe is known to be discreet, expensive, and unconventional in his methods. He has a reputation for being secretive, and his sprawling training compound in the Piney Woods of east Texas only adds to his mystique. Wolfe runs his company on a simple concept:

  Trust us completely, and in exchange we give you an ironclad promise. We will protect you.