Book Club Kit: Hidden

Greetings from Austin!

Thank you so much for selecting Hidden as your featured book. I feel truly honored that you have chosen to spend time with my story. Book clubs are special, and I treasure the friendships I’ve made over the years through books, wine, and lively conversation.

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The inspiration for this book came when I interviewed a team of FBI cybercrime investigators for my New York Times bestselling novel Deep Dark, which touches on the dangers of online stalking. I was amazed to learn how someone can track people through their devices, and how stalking has become easier and easier with the explosion of online images. I started to wonder, is it even possible to drop off the radar anymore? We talk about online privacy all the time as though it’s a privilege, but what if privacy is a matter of life and death?

Ever since I made the leap from news writing to fiction, I’ve been wanting to write a novel about an investigative reporter who was up against some of the same challenges that I encountered—from panic-inducing deadlines and casual sexism to the ever-present fear of getting cut from shrinking newsroom staffs. So, I feel a special affinity for Bailey, and her character is somewhat autobiographical (except for the part where she falls in love with a cop on her beat).

I hope you will enjoy Hidden. I love to hear from readers, so please drop me a line if you would like to try to set up a Skype or Zoom chat with your group. And I would be happy to send you a batch of Hidden bookmarks for your next get-together. You can reach me at

Thank you again for selecting Hidden, and happy reading!